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    Learn Golf In 10 Days

    Learn Golf In 10 Days

    Golf is no longer a leisure sport enjoyed only by the rich, famous and the pros. You see them swinging those clubs on Sports Channels and you wonder how they even see the holes, let alone aim for them right on the spot. Well, golf may seem like a tricky sport, but it is far from that. And this quick and easy guide would help you learn all the ropes of golf in just over a week! Whether you are looking to impress your boss or have been too embarrassed of making excuses to go golfing with your friends, you would be all set and ready to swing in no time!

    golf in really good for youThe Grip
    First of, you need to know how to hold the golf club properly. You don’t need to go to the golf course just yet, try practicing this at home first. Many people make the mistake of holding it like a baseball bat, using all ten fingers. However, that wouldn’t offer much control. Rather opt to grip the club by either interlocking or overlapping your pinky and index fingers of both hands. This offers a much tighter and stronger grip.

    Make That Swing!

    Again you can easily practice this at home rather than heading off to a golf course in UK. A quality golf swing depends on a number of factors. As a general rule, you should utilize your shoulders, legs, hips and arms to create a fluid motion. Your lips and legs will be the foremost sources of power in your swing, while your arms and shoulders will determine the track for your golf ball during its flight. You may want to take note that you will need to resist the urge to slap the ball with your wrists. Instead let your shoulders do the work.

    These two are pretty much the basics of golf. You must have heard a lot about the swing and that’s exactly what you need to master. From here on, it is pretty much all about practice practicepractice. So head on to your golf course in UKand start swinging that ball.

    Golf Etiquettes

    There is a reason why golf is called a gentleman’s game, it’s because there are certain etiquettes that need to be followed at the golf course and whilst playing the game. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules of the golf course in UK that you would be playing at in terms of the proper attire, common courtesy and other commonly practiced golf etiquettes. Following are a few general rules and etiquettes that you will need to familiarize with:

    Check the scorecard to learn any local rules regarding the First Tee.

    If your companions suggest a match, it is always best to make sure everyone is comfortable with the stakes.

    Always place an easy to identify mark on your ball and inform the others of the same too.

    Always follow the dress code suggested by the golf course in UK.

    The only way to truly enjoy the game is to play by the rules, because you’d want and expect the same from other players also. And as far as mastering the game goes, then make it a weekly schedule with one of your colleagues or friends or even ask for a golfing coach to help you out.